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Compost Topdressing

What is topdressing you may ask?  Topdressing is the practice of spreading a material onto the turf grass with the intention of amending and improving the soil quality. Topdressing is something that in the past has typically only been performed on golf courses, but BayScape is bringing that practice to your home lawn. Topdressing with compost is a great and organic way to improve the performance of your lawn.  By topdressing with compost you can increase the amount of organic matter in your soil which can promote healthy bacteria activity in your lawn. This helps create a sustainable natural lawn ecosystem that helps break down excess thatch and help provide the micro and macro nutrients that your lawn needs. Compost can typically hold up to 4 times the amount of water than common clay type loam, more water retention means more effective and less watering for you, and better drought resistance for your lawn. Compost topdressing mixed with seed is a great way to overseed and thicken your lawn. A thick lawn is the best defense against undesirable weeds.  Top dressing with compost one to two times per year helps keep the top soil in your lawn fresh and nutrient packed allowing your grass to stay healthy and productive leading to the lush, thick, beautiful lawn that you desire. Give us a call today for your consultation and we can come up with a topdressing plan that suits your lawns needs.